The Heart of the Matter

  • Item # 78401HM
  • Length 22 minutes
  • Produced 1/11/2019

We all desire a deep connection with another person. We want a relationship where we are known and loved. And…we want to have a great sex life too. But can you have all of this through hookups, one-night-stands, or by living with someone before marriage? Our culture says, “YES!” In this video, we will look at how sex bonds us physically, emotionally, and spiritually with every sexual partner we have, even if they’re not THE ONE. Well look at what casual sex and constant breakups can do to our future relationships, and what it takes to find the one guy who will stick around through good times and bad.
Language Warning: This video bleeps out some explicit language in the interviews, However, the understanding of the words is still apparent in the video.

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