Your Developing Body/Baby 3rd Trimester

  • Item # 78411YT
  • Length 26 minutes
  • Produced 2/13/2019

You are moving into your third trimester, and you’re feeling VERY pregnant. Your baby is getting bigger, and you can feel her moving and kicking. What is going on in there?! While your body is changing to accommodate your growing baby, you are likely feeling more tired, but also strangely energized. You have a baby coming soon!! In this video we’ll talk about your changing body, what you might be feeling, your baby’s journey in development, and what you can expect in your third trimester.

Topics Include: shortness of breath •heartburn •swelling •hemorrhoids •constipation •leg cramps •stretch marks •tender breasts •belly button •insomnia •baby dropping •braxton hicks •emotions •exercise •fever and chills •bleeding •labor •mucus plug •ruptured amniotic sac •signs of labor •fetal movement

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