Your 2nd Trimester

  • Item # 78408YS
  • Length 25 minutes
  • Produced 1/10/2019

Your first trimester is now behind you and you are likely feeling better. Morning sickness may have eased up and you may be thinking, “I’ve got this!” Your baby is growing rapidly, and you might even be starting to sport a cute little baby bump. The second trimester is often the most comfortable time for a pregnant mom! While you still may not be feeling or seeing much yet, there is a lot going on in your womb. In this video we’ll talk about how your body is changing, your baby’s journey in development, and what you can expect in your second trimester.

Topics Include: •itching •stretch marks •mask of pregnancy •back aches •leg aches •breast changes •Linea Nigra •vaginal discharge •hemorrhoids •varicose veins •dental changes •emotions •bleeding •swelling •headaches •vomiting •morning sickness •dizziness •exercise •smoking •drugs •alcohol •caffeine •fetal development Length 25:09 copyright True to Life Production

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