Who we are

Our Story

True to Life Productions was created out of a need to reach future generations. Video has changed extremely fast, and younger generations have become content experts as they watch hundreds of hours of videos online. The problem: educational videos have not kept up with the new presentational methods and video lengths.

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Our Mission

True to Life Productions exists to produces educational videos that make a difference in the lives of mothers, fathers, and their children. Relatable content built around professional scripts produces results in the lives of the viewers beyond other standard videos. Using documented and reputable sources, each lesson gives practical study-based insights for the viewer to take and apply. The results are fun yet powerful presentations that reach future generations in a format they expect.

There is a strange intersection between facts and relationship from which exists the power to create change. Our team has worked for years to find that perfect balance that makes the video enjoyable while keeping the important information applicable. The results can be seen in the videos that viewers love and that professionals respect.

- Brandon (CEO)